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Thank you for visiting Affairs By Design!

I am a self-taught cater, treat maker and event planner. This is my passion and all things I love to do! Growing up with my Grandmother, Mother and Aunt teaching me how to cook and bake and with my mother’s love to plan and decorate it has became my passion. And now it excites me to watch my passion bloom. This is truly a blessing that with each event or dessert and plate of food I am able to give a piece of me! I find it truly a blessing from God to have the opportunity to whole-heartedly work on my dream. I strive for perfection in taste, texture and presentation at each event,  treat and plate. My motto is everything is made with love, and It truly is. I started in 2015 and I never knew that it would grow as much as it has and I enjoy every minute of it. This is my dream and my baby and I plan to give people an experience of their lives! As I grow with my company, I hope that you grow with me.


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